Bathroom Cabinets versus Bathroom Vanities 


Tired of the endless search for the perfect bathroom cabinet or vanity in Manchester, NH? Understandable. There are so many colors, shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from. It can be overwhelming and frustrating to look for that perfect upgrade!


Cabinet Outlet is New Hampshire’s premier spot for bathroom vanities in Manchester, NH. We carry a plethora of cabinets and vanities to fit your home and budget needs. Now, let’s discuss the differences between bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanities. Is one better than the other after all?


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The Differences


Designing the function and layout of your bathroom can be costly. But, the truth is, bathroom cabinets with sinks are considered vanities — but not every vanity is a cabinet. Therefore, a bathroom vanity is any combination of a structure topped with a sink. Also, a vanity will hide the plumbing. While that sounds like it checks all the boxes, not every bathroom cabinet is considered a vanity. If you’re looking for a cabinet that does not have a sink, that would be a regular cabinet. Easy enough!


Kitchen versus Bathroom Cabinets


When planning out your home renovation project, you cannot substitute kitchen cabinets for bathroom cabinets. Why? Well, the style and installation may be the same, but there is a big difference. Most kitchen cabinets are about 24-inches deep. Can you see where this is going? While bathroom cabinets are typically only 21-inches deep. Lastly, bathroom cabinets are also shorter than kitchen cabinets.


So, bathroom cabinets are significantly more shallow and shorter than kitchen cabinets. The room is typically smaller, so it makes sense. Furthermore, there’s plumbing and supplies added, the storage space underneath the vanity can get cramped. So, when you’re choosing your vanity, make sure there’s enough storage and extra space to suit your needs!


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Quality Bathroom Vanities in Manchester, NH


Cabinet Outlet recognizes that budgets play a significant role in purchase designs regarding a new bathroom renovation. We want to make sure that every home can look its best!


Thus, we are offering a one-stop solution for bathroom vanities in Manchester, NH. But don’t take our word for it. Please stop in and visit our showroom today to experience the ultimate in custom cabinets at the most affordable prices available!