NH Bath Vanities Trending In 2021

Each year, or every couple of years, we see changes in trends. Trends from fashion to technology, home interior color schemes to bath vanities in NH; keeping up can be exhausting. Here at Cabinet Outlet, we like to keep your home remodel experience as simple as possible. Thus, we’ll keep up on the latest and most excellent for you. This year, we’ve seen many exciting changes, but bath vanities make the top of our list. This article highlights the recent trends you can expect to see more of in bathrooms near you!


Floating Vanities

Ideal for smaller sized bathrooms, floating vanities provide many benefits. One of the significant benefits is the extra space this type of vanity provides. With a large variety of styles, floating bath vanities in NH can also be a very unique and expressive piece of furniture. Some of the most unique vanities we’ve seen look like two wooden boards nailed into the wall. However, with the right choice of wood and stain, you’re creating a floating vanity that also provides open-storage (we’ll get into this next). A trendy, space-savings, stylish, and unique solution for any bathroom.


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Open Storage

Although the idea sounds weird, an open storage vanity is one of our favorites. Many of these have a unique style resembling a cross between a vanity, bureau, and possibly a desk. With four legs, the bottom of the vanity is left open for easy access to items. However, this concept could end up being a cluttered eyesore if not properly planned out.  


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When choosing an open storage vanity, measure the space allotted. With the utilization of baskets, you can have the perfect organization tool. When choosing a basket, be sure to pick one that matches your bathroom theme. Whether you opt for wicker, metal, or fabric, these baskets will draw the attention of anyone visiting your newly designed space. Furthermore, baskets are an excellent way to tuck away items you may not want to see. For example, toiletries are something that everyone utilizes, but nobody wants to see. However, they also need to be within arm’s reach. An under vanity basket is the perfect spot to tuck such things away while remaining accessible.  

No matter what your style and home calls for, Cabinet Outlet has the inventory of bath vanities in NH you need for your project. Stop by any of our stores today, or give us a call at (800) 866-2808 for more information.