NH Bathroom Vanities: Update your Bathroom

Every bathroom deserves a beautiful vanity!

If your bathroom needs a refresh or looking for a complete remodel, a good place to start is with your bathroom vanity. You’d be surprised just how a change in style and color can set the overall tone for your home, and the bathroom is equally as important when choosing a color scheme. Located throughout New England, Cabin Outlet can provide a wide selection of bathroom vanities NH that are guaranteed to fit your overall design needs and budget. Here are some vanity styles we’re currently into.

Less Is More

Minimalism is hot on our radar this year! We are particularly interested in efficiency and clean lines. Keeping it simple has never looked so good!


Designs to consider for your Minimalist Vanity:

  • Japanese style: create a tranquil aesthetic with simple fixtures
  • Scandinavian style: add simplicity with clean lines

“Float On”

Floating vanities and freestanding basins are here to stay in 2022! 


  • Floating Vanities add an appealing and visual element to your bathroom with more than enough space to store your bathroom necessities
  • Freestanding Basins add a natural element to your bathroom vanity, and you can choose from a variety of materials, like glass or stone

outlet in cabinet


2022 Styles for Bathroom Vanities NH

This year, paint schemes lean towards pastels and whites that have a hint of warmth. Instead of the cool-toned vanity colors, warm up your space with natural materials! 

Even if your bathroom is still covered in white or wall-to-wall marble, natural tones and wood materials always create an inviting space. Add matte black finishes for a streamlined, on-trend look. Finally, “His” and “Hers” vanities are here to stay! Get the most out of your bathroom by adding a detached vanity option!

Design Your Dream Bathroom with Cabinet Outlet

Not sure where to start? Cabinet Outlet can help with all NH bathroom vanities! Our process is stress-free and straightforward, with professional staff available to assist you. We offer a premium selection of cabinets and vanities for every design and budget.

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