5 Cabinet Finishes Perfect For Any Project

As the top location for cabinet liquidators in New Hampshire, our team at Cabinet Outlet understands that budgets should mean sacrificing style. Instead, we’re known for quite the opposite. Working closely with our clients, we’ll help you design and choose the cabinet style that best suits your vision. However, it doesn’t stop there – with cabinets come finishes.

While the process may seem a bit overwhelming at first, choosing the right finish for your kitchen or bathroom remodel begins with understanding your options. Here, we are providing you with five of the top cabinet finishes that ensure your result is exactly what you hoped for!


Stained Finish

Possibly one of the most common and most popular types of finish is the stained cabinet. Applied directly to the natural wood, stain protects while enhancing the aesthetic appeal. With several colors, the hand-rubbed application leaves an individualized look.


Painted Finish

After stained cabinets, painted finishes are next in line. Offering homeowners an extensive color list of options, this option makes blending cabinetry with your home’s aesthetic a breeze. However, like most painted objects, a painted cabinet requires a bit more TLC as it can be prone to chipping and denting.

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Glazed Finish

Applied over stain or painted finishes, glaze alters the color and texture of cabinetry. Once applied, the glaze is then rubbed off to create a unique, often faux-like finish. Labor intensive, a glaze finish tends to run a bit higher in cost, but the result is worth every penny.


Natural Finish

Let’s set the record straight. A natural finish does not mean untreated, exposed natural wood. Instead, a clear finish is applied to provide all of the protective features your cabinetry requires while leaving the natural look exposed. Depending on the wood used for your cabinets, the result varies but is certainly breathtaking.


Distressed Finish

Similar in nature to the natural finish, a distressed cabinet provides a highly unique look and feel. Using a specific painting technique, your artisan will craft an old-world feel on your brand new cabinetry. A distressed finish provides a timeless look perfect for farmhouses and old Victorian homes.


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