Trend Alert: Ebony Shaker Cabinets are In For 2021!

A shaker style cabinet is one of the most straightforward designs. However, you should not confuse simple for boring by any means! These cabinets offer some of the cleanest, sophisticated and attractive solutions for both kitchen and bathroom. To no surprise, ebony shaker cabinets are also the highest in demand.

At Cabinet Outlet, we’re taking this moment to give you a bit more about the popular Shaker cabinet, the origins, and how this style could fit seamlessly into your home.


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The origins of the shaker cabinet.

If you couldn’t guess, this style cabinet originated from the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing – otherwise known as the Shakers. The self-sufficient community is known for its high-quality, handcrafted furniture built from the highest of standards.

Durable, simplistic, yet intricate and elegant, we have to say, the Shakers definitely nailed this cabinet style!


A clean, contemporary look.

As mentioned, this style of cabinet provides a flawless look. Thus, when incorporated into a busy area of the home – like the kitchen – the cabinet helps keep things clean and open. Even in a dark ebony hue, a shaker cabinet creates a spacious and organized feeling.


Maintenance is a bit easier than some other options.

While many homeowners are opting for white cabinets these days, this color is not the right fit for some. High traffic homes tend to shy away from lighter cabinets – unless, of course, you have time to dedicate to keeping them clean! Thus, the ebony color becomes the perfect choice.

Flipping a light cabinet to a dark one and a dark counter to a light one, you still achieve the same result. However, a lighter color countertop is much easier to keep clean than a lighter colored cabinet! Furthermore, by investing in a shaker style, you will eliminate many of the cuts and grooves that collect dirt, dust, and other elements.


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Whether you opt for ebony shaker cabinets or white ones, you really can’t go wrong with this style! For more information and pricing, contact Cabinet Outlet today! As New Hampshire’s number one location for premium cabinets for less, you can have confidence that you’ll leave satisfied!