3 Looks to Go with Green Cabinets

One of the most popular current kitchen trends is all-white cabinets, but that’s not to everybody’s taste. If you prefer more color in your kitchen, your favorite New Hampshire cabinet store, Cabinet Outlet, has plenty of other options. One of our favorites is green cabinets because they bring a calming warmth to your kitchen. Because green isn’t technically a neutral color, many people are hesitant to have green cabinets because they don’t think they will look good in their kitchen. However, there are several ways to easily incorporate green cabinets into your kitchen design.


Here are three of our favorite looks and design ideas that pair well with green kitchen cabinets.


Pair Green with Black

If bold is your style, try pairing green cabinets with black features. Another row of black cabinets or black stone countertops can make the green pop and give your kitchen a dramatic aesthetic. If black cabinets or countertops are a little too dramatic for your tastes, try black hardware. They add a subtle touch to let the color of your cabinets stand out.


Lean into Natural Tones

The natural look is perennially popular, and green, as an earth tone, leans into this aesthetic. Natural wood stools, shelves, countertops, or additional cabinets bring out the warmer tones of the green, making a cozy yet modern space. If your kitchen gets a lot of natural light, the feeling of warmth will be amplified, and your kitchen will feel more inviting.


Try Brass Hardware

Green and gold are two colors that go very well together, and brass hardware brings this color combination into your kitchen. But you don’t have to limit yourself to cabinet handles and drawer pulls. Light fixtures, faucets, and mountings all come in brass-colored options. Using the same color hardware throughout your kitchen will bring a sense of cohesion to the design and bring a touch of class to the space.


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