Bath Vanities NH: Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you know how tricky it is to make the most of your space. Whether you need more storage or want the room to feel less cramped, there are a few tricks to maximize the space you have. You can start with our great selection of bath vanities in NH at Cabinet Outlet, but that’s not where your options end. Bathroom designers and remodelers have many tricks for making small rooms look and feel bigger.


Here are some of our favorite tips for remodeling your small bathroom to make it feel larger.


Trick Your Eyes

How you feel in a room depends on how your eyes perceive it. If a room looks cramped and crowded, it will feel cramped and crowded. However, you can “open up the space” by changing a few things to trick your eyes. For example, if you blur the line between the ceiling and the wall, you can make the room feel taller. Replace thick crown molding with narrow strips that match the ceiling and used recessed lighting rather than hanging fixtures.


Keep It Light and Bright

Dark or contrasting colors can also make a small room feel cramped. Light and bright colors in the same color family will make the room feel larger and more open. Matching the floor to the wall elongates the room and creates a sense of more space. Keep your ceiling white, as colors on the ceiling make it feel lower. And the more natural light you can get, the better. If you only have one source of light, carefully placed mirrors will reflect it and fill your bathroom with sunlight.


Be Creative with the Space

Making a space feel bigger is all well and good, but what do you do about the actual space you need to store all your stuff? The best thing to do is get creative and clever about the space that you have. If there’s a shower in this bathroom, use a curtain or a sliding glass door to save space. A curved shower rod will also give you more room in the shower. When you’re ready to check out our selection of bath vanities in NH, choose one with rounded corners. It frees up a few inches of space so you can maneuver without whacking into a corner. Open shelving also gives you storage options that still make the room feel open and airy.


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