Make Black and Ebony Shaker Cabinets Work in Your Kitchen

Shaker cabinets are one of the most popular styles because of their simple style. At Cabinet Outlet, we sell shaker cabinets in many colors, so your kitchen can benefit from their timeless style, whatever your design preferences. White and light wood cabinets are always popular and are flexible design choices, but what about the darker colors? Black and ebony shaker cabinets make a bold statement, but homeowners sometimes shy away from them because they’ve been told not to use dark colors in the kitchen. However, with the right design elements, black and ebony cabinets can bring a sophisticated style to your kitchen.


Don’t be afraid of dark colors in your kitchen. Here are three ways to make black and ebony shaker cabinets work in your kitchen.


Lower Cabinets

Dark colors can feel a little overwhelming or confining if they are throughout a space. However, they can act as a stylistic anchor lower down. By using black or ebony cabinets only for your lower cabinets, you can make a bold statement with a dark color without letting it take over your kitchen. To keep your kitchen feeling bright and open, use white cabinets for the top row or replace the upper cabinets with open shelving.


Butcher Block Countertops

Very dark colors create a contrast to the warmth of natural wood. Butcher block countertops create a line of natural warmth that runs throughout your kitchen. The lighter wood separates the dark cabinets from the rest of your kitchen, connecting the dark cabinets to lighter walls or tiles. Wood also goes with everything, so you can incorporate it into any color or design scheme you choose.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Shaker cabinets can look either traditional or modern, but dark colors—especially black—lend themselves to a modern feel. To accentuate a modern design, pair black cabinets with stainless steel appliances. Built-in appliances like your oven and dishwasher break up a run of black cabinets with the gleam of stainless steel.


Black and Ebony Shaker Cabinets from Cabinet Outlet

At Cabinet Outlet, we make your kitchen dreams a reality. Whether you like the all-white look, a modern farmhouse style, or something more eclectic, we have the cabinets and hardware you need. Go bold with black or ebony shaker cabinets, or check out any of our other styles.


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