Complement Ebony Shaker Cabinets with These Decor Ideas

Shaker cabinets are a timeless choice that bring style and elegance to any kitchen. It’s one of our favorite styles here at Cabinet Outlet, and many of our customers agree with us. Shaker cabinets can come in nearly any wood or color you like, but we especially love the bold statement of ebony. But some people shy away from ebony shaker cabinets for that very reason. We want everyone to have their dream kitchen, so we’ve put together some style and decor ideas that we think complement ebony shaker cabinets beautifully.


Here are some of our favorite decor ideas to try in your kitchen with ebony shaker cabinets.


Make Good Use of Color

Ebony wood is beautiful, but it is dark, so contrasting colors will open and brighten up your space. Bright white countertops balance out the dark color of the ebony cabinets and create the ends of a spectrum that you can fill in with your personal touches. You can stay neutral will soft whites and grays, or you can bring in colors with pastels. Pops of bright colors also complement ebony wood. Patterned backsplashes, colored kitchen tools, plants, and artwork are all simple ways to bring color into your kitchen.


Accent with Metallic and Glass Elements

Ebony cabinets can create an uninterrupted run of dark colors, which can make your kitchen feel smaller than it is. It’s easy to avoid this feeling, however, by breaking it up with metallic or glass elements. Use metallic hardware in chrome or brass finish to add points of light to your kitchen. Glass front cabinets also break up the dark colors, especially if you have dinnerware or glassware that you want to show off.


Use an Elegant Minimalist Approach

Because shaker cabinets use simple clean lines, they easily lend themselves to a minimalist approach. No matter how you decide to break up or offset the dark colors of ebony shaker cabinets, you still want to stick to a clean and clutter-free approach. To keep your kitchen feeling open, avoid crowding your countertops with appliances and cooking tools.


Ebony Shaker Cabinets from Cabinet Outlet

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