Ebony Shaker Cabinets: Transform Your Kitchen

So you want to redo your kitchen, but you’re on a budget. We’ve all been there. A full kitchen remodel is expensive, so many homeowners choose to do it in stages over a few years. But where to start? At Cabinet Outlet, we think you should start with—you guessed it—the cabinets. There are many styles to choose from, but right now we want to look at one of our favorites: ebony Shaker cabinets. Here are a few reasons we think ebony Shaker cabinets are the perfect choice for any kitchen.

Timeless Design

The hallmark of ebony Shaker cabinets is their simple, classic design. Shaker cabinets installed 25 years ago look just as modern as those installed last year. Shaker cabinets are designed to highlight their functionality. Rather than featuring complex millwork, Shaker cabinets are all clean lines and elegant simplicity. Choosing a dark ebony color also makes a bold statement in your kitchen without opting for an accent color. Simple design and natural, neutral colors never go out of style.

Quality Construction

Another well-known feature of Shaker cabinets is their quality, all-wood construction. When you choose cabinets in a timeless style, you want them to last long enough to prove they will never go out of style. Shaker cabinets are stile and rail construction, horizontal and vertical pieces built around panels. Stile and rail construction uses wooden dowels to hold the pieces together, so there is no hardware outside the door holding them together. In addition to being a sturdy and reliable construction method, stile and rail is also what gives ebony Shaker cabinets their simple, timeless look. This method of woodworking has been around for centuries. It has certainly lasted the test of time.

Affordable Choice

When we see something beautiful, we assume it must have been expensive, but not so with ebony Shaker cabinets. What makes a Shaker cabinet a Shaker cabinet is its design, not the materials. While custom cabinets with decorative millwork can set you back a bit, Shaker cabinets only need to be measured to fit your kitchen. They don’t require any custom designing that will drive up the price of your cabinets and your kitchen remodel. You also know that ebony Shaker cabinets are high quality, so you won’t have to replace them any time soon.

ebony shaker cabinets

Ebony Shaker Cabinets from Cabinet Outlet

At Cabinet Outlet, we want you to have your dream kitchen at a price you can afford. Even a single significant change can transform the look of your kitchen. If you’ve been eyeing your cabinets, thinking that you’d like to replace them, ebony Shaker cabinets could be the perfect choice.

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