Bold Bathroom Choices: Vanity Cabinet Colors We Love

When we think about remodeling or updating our homes, we tend to overlook the bathroom. While it’s certainly not the most glamorous room in your home, you do spend quite a bit of time in your bathroom, so it should be a comfortable and attractive space, just like any other room. At Cabinet Outlet, we can help you transform your bathroom with new bathroom vanities in Manchester, NH. In a relatively small room, like a bathroom, a simple change, like a new bathroom, can make a big difference.


Make bold choices in your bathroom! Here are three vanity cabinet colors that we love.


Navy Blue

Navy blue is a versatile color because you can lean into it with a bold design or downplay it with more subtle choices. For a classic look, pair navy cabinets with white walls and tile and accent it with brass hardware. White and navy are also the classic nautical colors, so they make a great base if you’ve always wanted a beachy bathroom.

If you prefer bold and bright colors, navy cabinets pair well with oranges and yellows. Bring some sunshine in your bathroom and let the darker hue of the navy cabinets create a focal point.


Moss Green

For earthier color schemes, a moss green vanity is a subtle way to bring color into your bathroom and keep it from being too drab. It beautifully accents natural wood, especially warmer woods like oak, and gives your bathroom a calm and relaxing feel.

Moss green can also give your bathroom a modern spa feel when paired with white countertops and tiling. The predominantly white space feels sleek and clean, while the green connects your bathroom design to nature, so you can have a little spa oasis in your home.



Nothing is bolder than black! Create a classic look in your bathroom with black vanity cabinets, white tile, and accents in shades of gray. Complete the neutral look with brushed chrome hardware and decorate with a few black and white photos. With this clean and minimalist look, you’ll always leave your bathroom feeling calm and refreshed.


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