3 Bathroom Trends That Are on Their Way Out

Style and design trends come and go, and bathrooms are by no means immune to these changes. If it’s been a while since you upgraded your bathroom, there are probably some design choices you don’t love anymore and would like to upgrade. That’s where Cabinet Outlet comes in. With us, you’ll find a lot more than just bathroom vanities in NH. We can help you with cabinets, hardware, countertops, tile, and more.


Ready to shop for bathroom vanities in NH and other items to update your bathroom? Have a look at these trends that are on their way out first.


All-White Bathrooms

White surfaces are hard to keep clean, no matter where they are. We imagine that our all-white-everything bathroom will sparkle, but the reality is usually a little dingier. All-white looks beautiful right after you give it a good clean, but it doesn’t last. In addition to being nearly impossible to keep clean, all-white bathrooms are a little bit boring. Just because it’s a bathroom, that doesn’t mean it can’t have some character! Throw in some color and show off your personal style.


Accent Walls

In a small room like a bathroom, an accent wall overwhelms the space and makes the design feel less cohesive. If there’s a paint color, wallpaper, or tile pattern that you love, just go for it! Make a statement by using it on all four walls. You’ll have a bold bathroom design that also brings the space together.


Dated Tile Patterns

For a while, it felt like the only tile pattern anywhere was chevron. And while we don’t have anything against a bold chevron tile pattern, it doesn’t really fit with the softer, more organic feel many modern bathrooms are going for. In the same vein, subway tiles are also falling out of fashion. Just like with the all-white bathroom trend, subway tiles are a little boring. White tiles with black grout don’t really foster a calming atmosphere, either.


Start Your New Design with Bathroom Vanities in NH and More from Cabinet Outlet

Whether you’re just looking for a new vanity or want to redo your whole bathroom, you’ll find everything you need at Cabinet Outlet. Our staff will help you choose the elements that fit your design and vision.


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