5 Ideas for Your Half Bath

When you’re shopping for bathroom vanities in Manchester, NH, sometimes you need that vanity to fit in a smaller space. Namely, your half bath. Some people call it the powder room or the guest bathroom, but no matter what you call it, it still needs a functional and attractive vanity. But a vanity isn’t the only thing you’ll need for a beautiful and stylish half bath.

Here are five of our favorite half bath design ideas.

A Tiny Sink

Half baths aren’t known for having a lot of space, so a tiny sink is both a strong style choice and a practical option. Whether you go for a vessel sink, pedestal sink, wall-mounted sink, or something else, it needs to fit in the bathroom and still give you room to maneuver.

Antique Hardware

Nothing can elevate a humdrum bathroom quite like the right hardware. Antique brass hardware makes a statement and stands out against any color scheme. It can brighten up a lighter or neutral color palette and keep darker and bolder colors from making the bathroom feel like a tight space.

Carefully Placed Mirrors

In a small room, you want to take advantage of all the light you can get. If you have a window in your bathroom, maximize that natural light by placing a mirror where it can reflect the light into the rest of the room. Even without a window, you can achieve a similar effect with your lighting fixtures.

Retro-Style Sinks

A vintage-style wall-mounted sink not only gives your bathroom character but also takes up very little space. Even if you have an otherwise modern half bath, a retro-looking sink can completely transform its style.

Open Shelving

Your half bath is the bathroom your guests are most likely to use, so you want it to look great and be welcoming. If a guest needs an extra hand towel or a tissue, you want those things out in the open. You don’t want to make your guests uncomfortable by making them feel like they’re snooping around in your cabinets. Open shelving makes finding what they need easy for your guests and adds some space for you to decorate your bathroom.

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