2023 Bathroom Trends We Love

Even though 2023 is just getting started, we’re already seeing bathroom design trends that we love. When you’re searching for bathroom vanities in Manchester, NH, looking into current trends can help you make your decision. At Cabinet Outlet, we combine current trends with classic styles so that all our customers can find options they will love. If you’re redoing your bathroom this winter, we want to show you some of this year’s new trends that we’re excited about.


Shopping for bathroom vanities in Manchester, NH? Check out these trends for bathroom design inspiration.


Natural Wood

Wood is back this year. Recently, white and gray-painted vanities have dominated bathroom design trends, but natural wood is having its turn this year. Wood goes well with all colors and hardware finishes, depending on the type of wood. The type of wood you choose also affects how a room makes you feel. For example, lighter wood creates a warm and welcoming feel that is great for a family bathroom. On the other hand, dark wood adds an air of sophistication, which we love for guest bathrooms.


Bold Colors

There’s no reason to stick with plain white or neutrals if color is more your style. Whether you prefer jewel tones, pastels, or brights, adding a pop of color to your bathroom is the way to go. Countertops, cabinet doors, lighting fixtures, and tile are all great options for incorporating color into your bathroom design.


Statement Tile Patterns

Speaking of color and tile, bold tile patterns are another of our favorite 2023 bathroom trends. Floors, backsplashes, and showers are all opportunities to bring tile patterns into your bathroom. And we’ve gone beyond the basic checkerboard pattern of years past. Mosaics, along with custom patterns and colors, have made bathroom tiles an exciting addition to designing your new bathroom.


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Whether you are just replacing one or two elements or redoing your whole bathroom, your first stop should be Cabinet Outlet. And we’re so much more than just a place to find bathroom vanities in Manchester, NH. Our no-pressure approach to bathroom remodeling gives you the freedom to take your time designing your new bathroom without feeling like you have to make commitments right away.


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