Why Buy from Cabinet Liquidators?

In most kitchens, cabinets cover most of the wall space, so you have to buy them in some quantity. And whenever you have to buy anything in quantity, the price starts to add up. At Cabinet Outlet, we deliver high-end kitchen designs for less. Many other cabinet stores promise low prices, but they often don’t actually deliver. We do. What makes us different? Simple, we’re cabinet liquidators. If you’ve been researching where to buy kitchen cabinets, you’ve probably come across this phrase, but you might not know what it means.


What are cabinet liquidators?

A liquidator of any product is a person or store that sells items directly to customers at wholesale prices. What makes liquidators different from other wholesalers is that they usually do not buy their stock directly from the manufacturer. Or if they do, it is under unusual circumstances. Liquidators buy their stock from business closures, commercial insurance losses, stores that need to turn over their stock, or other situations where a company needs to unload their inventory. Because of those circumstances, liquidators buy their products at lower than wholesale prices and then pass the saving on to their customers.

Now that you know what cabinet liquidators are, here’s why you should buy from them.


The prices are much lower.

We’re all about saving money, and we know our customers are, too. Because we buy cabinets at prices that are lower than wholesale, we can sell them to you at the wholesale price. If you were to go to a wholesaler, in order to get a lower price, you’d have to buy the cabinets in bulk. You may have a lot of cabinets in your kitchen, but not that many. By buying from a liquidator, you get the quantity you need at a price you want to pay.


You have lots of options.

If you go to a normal cabinet retailer, your options are going to be limited. Buyers for retail stores have to decide what the stores are going to sell based on the cost of the item and the likelihood it will sell. Because liquidators buy their stock at much lower prices, they can take the risk of buying cabinets in a style that is not as popular or isn’t necessarily on trend. The result for you is that you have lots of choices to make your kitchen design unique.


consider cabinet liquidators when you’re designing your new kitchen!

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