What to Think About When Designing Dream Kitchens

Many people think their dream kitchen is something they can only get with an expensive and elite team of designers. However, the team at Cabinet Outlet is eager to tell you that just isn’t so. We help our customers design their dream kitchens in Nashua, NH, while staying within their budgets. There are many elements that go into designing the perfect kitchen for any home, but there are some that we think deserve to be at the top of the list.


Here are our top three design elements that go into creating dream kitchens for all our customers.


Build around the work triangle.

Do you know what a work triangle is? It’s a pretty straightforward concept to explain. Every kitchen has three key points: the fridge, the sink, and the stove. When you are cooking, you go back and forth between these three points. The traffic pattern made up of these points is what kitchen designers call the “work triangle.” when you design a new kitchen, you want to make sure that nothing blocks the work triangle. For example, you don’t want to install a kitchen island that will block your path from the fridge to the stove to the sink.


Ceiling-high cabinets are always the right choice.

For storage space alone, you can’t go wrong with ceiling-high cabinets. From a design perspective, cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling make your kitchen look bigger. If your kitchen is small, they not only look better, but they also make the kitchen feel less cramped.


Go for the extra counter space.

Think about your kitchen right now. What do you like the least about it? Many people would answer that they don’t have enough counter space. If you have the opportunity to install a kitchen island or add an L-shaped counter, go for it. No one ever regrets having extra counter space.


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Dream Kitchens in Nashua, NH, by Cabinet Outlet

It’s possible to have all the features and elements you want when you design your new kitchen with Cabinet Outlet. Our team provides our customers with the tools they need to create their dream kitchens without blowing their budgets.


Contact us to start your project today and to see how we bring dream kitchens to Nashua, NH.