Premium Cabinets for Less: Give Your Kitchen a Lift

It’s the unicorn of kitchen remodeling: cabinets that look expensive but aren’t. Sounds impossible, no? Well, it turns out it may be more possible than you think when you shop premium cabinets for less at Cabinet Outlet. We don’t believe that having your ideal kitchen should be prohibitively expensive. We have plenty of options that are beautiful, stylish, and budget-friendly. But what do you do when you find something that’s in your budget but not quite what you’re looking for? We have some ideas.

Here are some ways to modify your cabinets to make them exactly what you want.

Update Your Hardware

A budget-friendly way to change the look of your cabinets is to change the hardware. A simple switch from knobs to handles—or vice versa—can completely transform your kitchen. You can also mix and match hardware styles. Using knobs on cabinet doors and long handles on drawers breaks up the uniformity without looking haphazard. To add an elegant and chic accent, opt for brushed brass-colored hardware. Black or dark hardware is a bold contrast against white or light-colored cabinets.

Repaint Your Cabinets

Like any surface, cabinets can be painted. Light colors make your kitchen look brighter and bigger, which makes it feel more expensive. You don’t need to tell anyone that you got your premium cabinets for less than you’d think. Unless you want to brag about getting a great deal, which we always encourage. You can also add some color by painting accents a different color. If you have glass-front cabinets, paint the cabinet backs to brighten up your kitchen and add a pop of color.

Try New Lighting

Sometimes what’s really wrong with your kitchen isn’t the cabinets or the hardware or even the appliances, it’s the lighting. If you have the same light fixtures that have been lighting your kitchen for years, consider getting something new. A chandelier or pendant lights can make your kitchen look like a whole new room. Adding more light or changing the direction of light in any room will transform the way you see it and feel about it. Adding under-cabinet lighting is another way to brighten up the kitchen and make it easier to see what you’re cooking!

Premium Cabinets for Less at Cabinet Outlet

For kitchen remodels on a budget, come to Cabinet Outlet. We have everything you need to upgrade your kitchen. Contact us or visit one of our locations in Salem, Amherst, or Dover to see what we can do for you and your kitchen or bathroom!