Here’s What You Should Never Store in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you’re redoing your kitchen or just reorganizing everything, finding enough space in your cabinets is always a challenge. Because our business at Cabinet Outlet is kitchen cabinets in Nashua, NH, we understand the struggle of finding enough space to store everything in your kitchen.


To give you some help, here are three things you should never store in your kitchen cabinets.


Appliances You Use All the Time

We all have those appliances that we use at least once a week, if not all the time. If your family regularly uses the toaster oven, or you bake a lot and are constantly pulling out the standing mixer, just keep them on the counter. There’s no reason to waste valuable time and precious cabinet space with items that are rarely in the cabinet.


Appliances You Rarely Use

On the flip side, there are appliances that you haven’t touched in years or only use very occasionally. Did you get a popcorn maker thinking you’d use it every movie night, but you haven’t actually touched it in three years? Move it to a storage space rather than letting it take up cabinet space. Some of us have appliances that we use regularly, but not often. For example, if you only pull out the waffle iron to make breakfast on Christmas. For the rest of the year, put it somewhere that is out of the way, but still easily accessible.


Table Linens

Even if you do use tablecloths and fancy napkins relatively often, you still don’t want to keep them in your kitchen cabinets. Mixing your nice linens with your appliances and pots and pans makes it pretty likely that your linens will get dirty. The best place to store these items is in your linen closet, where they will only encounter other linens and towels. If you don’t have space or you want to keep them handy in your kitchen, put them high up so nothing will spill or drip down onto them.


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