Cabinets NH: Kitchen Trends of 2022

The New Year has many homeowners thinking about redesigning parts of our homes, such as our kitchens. As with any year, 2022 will bring new trends for the kitchen world while keeping many trends from past years. If you are looking for modern and sleek NH cabinets, Cabinet Outlet is here to assist.


White Cabinets

With no surprise, the simplicity and elegance of white kitchen cabinets will carry on to see 2022. As the most neutral option, white kitchen cabinets are perfect for nearly any homeowner. Allowing the opportunity to spice up the interior of a kitchen with different pops of color, these cabinets also provide a touch of modern elegance. Modern, rustic, minimalist, or retro, white cabinets are the ultimate choice no matter what your home’s aesthetic may be.


Pantry Cupboards

You heard that right! Many home designers anticipate a strong comeback of pantry cupboards during the 2022 calendar year. While they faded a bit in the past years, our team already sees a rise in the use of pantries again. Many think this uptick was caused by the pandemic and the need for more storage in our homes. Either way, pantry cupboards are making a comeback!


Natural Wood Cabinets

For centuries, wood cabinets have been praised for their durability and natural beauty. However, during the past couple of years, we have seen a spike in the use of painted cabinets instead. Today, as we begin to make our way through 2022, we are again seeing an uprising in the use of natural wood cabinets. Perhaps this is because many are switching to focus on healthier homes, further reducing the use of chemicals. Natural cabinets are an undeniable feature that provides an overall warm feeling for any kitchen area. 


cabinets for less manchester


Dark Oak or Walnut Cabinets

Many people love the look of rich, dark wood for their kitchen. Thus, dark wood is an easy choice for a top 2022 kitchen trend. The fine grain and dark color add warmth and a touch of luxury to any room. In addition, these cabinets provide a neutral backdrop for a wide variety of color palettes, making them an excellent design choice for nearly any decor. 


What NH Cabinet trends capture your attention?

Our team at Cabinet Outlet wants to make sure that you can create the kitchen of your dreams. With that being said, we offer wholesale NH cabinets, meaning that our cabinet options are beautiful and will stay within your budget. We have a wide variety of cabinets, vanities, countertops, hardware, and more to make the decision easier! Even if these trends may not match your style or taste, our team can help make something beautiful. 


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